Self hosted dropbox

The ability to quickly share screenshots and files is important to me. Most of the available services (Dropbox/CloudApp/Droplr) require a monthly payment to allow large file uploads and to remove the custom branding.

I decided to build something simple that satisfied my requirements

  • Automatic upload when taking a screenshots
  • “Drop folder” with automatic upload
  • Custom domain
  • No weird branding
  • Ability to drop any file for upload
  • Get a desktop notification when upload succeed/fail

All of the above can easily be solved with a few lines of bash.

Changing the default screenshot location in OS X

defaults write location ~/uploads
killall SystemUIServer

Facebook’s watchman can watch a folder for changes.

watchman watch ~/uploads
watchman -- trigger ~/uploads uploads -- /path/to/

terminal-notifier provide desktop notifications.

files are served with nginx behind cloudflare.

Notification when upload is complete upload-complete

Everything put together in a gist.