Returning to Android

Something weird happened just before Christmas, I switched my new iPhone5 to a Nexus 4 when my old iPhone4 crashed.

After going thru Apples setup guide and restoring from backup everything was back to normal, I switched from the iPhone4 to iPhone5 and had expected some changes, nothing had changed from my old phone, except camera and internal memory.

I figure it was time to try Android and the new Nexus 4, it was years ago since I last used Android and I hated my HTC Hero. Slow and ugly and far form the new Nexus 4.

I must say, after two weeks with my new phone, I’m not regretting anything.

  • True Multitasking
  • Notification that actually deliver when something happens.
  • Customisation
  • Induction charging
  • App pricing is much better then on Android but overall app quality is still better on iPhone

Here’s some of the apps that really made my day: