Self hosted dropbox

The ability to quickly share screenshots and files is important to me. Most of the available services (Dropbox/CloudApp/Droplr) require a monthly payment to allow large file uploads and to remove the custom branding.

Replacing Foreman with Waitron and pixiecore

From my experience provisioning of bare metal hardware is almost always a PITA, the system is either extremely fragile or too complex. The previous setup at my job had all of the above until we sat down and looked at the parts we actually needed. Our setup was based on Foreman which is a good tool but it tries to solve so many problems and we just cared about the base installation which can be solved by simpler and smaller tools. Foreman was basically used as a massive templating engine. So we simplified!

OpenLDAP Group Owners

LDAP is common in most organizations and its groups are often used to limit access to different services. However having people from the Operations team managing group members does not scale in a bigger organizations. A solution could be to add more administrators but that isn’t very secure in the long run, it’s better to delegate group administration the members or specific group administrators. This is were the OpenLDAP Access Control come in handy, the documentation take some time to get around so that’s why I’m giving some examples on how to manage group membership in OpenLDAP

Open source is awesome

There’s always been some discussions about removing your unmaintained projects from Github to keep your profile nice and tidy. I have a bunch of projects I wouldn’t want anyone to look at today but they still exist, I don’t want to hide my history just because my code was awful back then. A couple of weeks back I received a PR for my puppet warranty module that’s been completely unmaintained for two years, someone actually use it fixed a few bugs to make it work better with Dell hardware. My first reaction was to close the PR with “this is unmaintained and should be killed with fire” but since someone is benefiting from things I did years ago why not let it continue to live. There are probably a lot more to improve in that module but it doesn’t have to be me when the project is open to everyone.

DigitalOcean + CloudFlare

If you’re using DigitalOcean which I very much recommend if you want a cheap and reliable VPS provider. You should also start using CloudFlare for DNS. Cloudflare DNS is free with tons of customizations, they recently added “Universal SSL” which give you a free SSL certificates for your domains/subdomains.

Loopia DNS

Loopia(Sweden’s biggest domain registrar) has just decided that their DNS admin panel is something that customers should be billed for on a yearly basis. I can’t understand why someone should pay money for a few A and MX records. It’s a stupid idea where customers get fooled into paying for something they don’t need. There’s plenty of free DNS providers out there that offers far more than Loopia for no money at all.

Still here

Not much have happened on this “blog” during the last year but it’s served well as an outdated placeholder for me on the internet. Not sure if I should feel ashamed for the old posts, probably. The site has a new design thanks to Michael Rose.

Tiling Window Manager OS X

Some say tiling window managers has nothing to do in OS X but I disagree. I want to use 100% of the screen and quickly rearrange windows. The amount of window managers have exploded the last couple of years and it’s probably not long before apple add something that can place a window in one half of the screen. Windows have done it already and even non-geeks seems to like it.

Crashplan and java

Crashplan has been the backup alternative for many companies I worked at in the past and also myself for the last year. It has several awesome features.

Google IO and Hangouts

I missed the Google IO live stream and had to follow the event from my Nexus4, something that didn’t work out very well while being at an offsite driving Go-kart.

Gmail like a boss

Email can be the perfect tool to stay in touch with friends and colleagues but it can easily turn into a gigantic beast that you need to defeat every single day to get on with your tasks. I get hundreds of emails every day and a tiny part of them is important, having them in my inbox draws attention and I lose track of the important information. You can’t really filter everything away but there’s measures that really helped me improve emailing.

Hello world

This is just a first post about nothing…

Returning to Android

Something weird happened just before Christmas, I switched my new iPhone5 to a Nexus 4 when my old iPhone4 crashed.